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Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

If you are looking for a VERY interactive DJ/Emcee, then you have come to the right place.  With our numerous Games, Activities and dances we offer for kids and adults, there is never a shortage of fun things we can do to keep everyone entertained, only time.  We teach all the hottest dances and offer all the latest music, cool lighting and video screens.  We even offer our famous interactive Game Show event routinely used during cocktail hour; even the adults can't resist it!


Not every DJ / Emcee can successfully entertain at a Bar /Bat Mitzvah without years of experience.  It often takes someone that is both good with kids and adults and knows how to balance the party with the traditional events and fun activities.  Since these events can border "controlled chaos", these parties can easily get away from an entertainer unless they know exactly how to approach them.


We have over 20 years experience and tons of testimonials to verify how thorough, FUN and interactive our Mitzvah packages are.  We feel so and humbled and blessed that with little to no advertising, our services are sought out by clients that have friends that have used us for their events.  We routinely hear comments both during and after event about how great it was and how well we got everyone involved.  In fact, many times they will even have us reserve the date for their next child's Mitzvah.  

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